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Broccoli Brad Goes Completely Mad Book

Bilingual Nutrition Storybook for Children 

Broccoli Brad Goes Completely Mad                    
Bruno Bróculi Se Vuelve Completamente Loco
Freeworksheetsandlesson plansavailable with this book.
by Duke Christoffersen
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Book Description 

Bilingual Nutrition Story Book - English and Spanish
Our new partners Brainfood Garden Books has created a very cute, creative and fun story that promotes the importance of vegetables and fruits!
Freeworksheetsandlesson plansavailable with this book.
Upset because kids don’t like him, Broccoli Brad forms an army of unwanted vegetables. Together, they kidnap all the yummy fruits, leaving nothing but sweets for the kids to eat. However one lucky grape escapes and enlists the help of Chef Solus and the Explorers. Together they save the day by making broccoli fun to eat.

Text from story:     

If you don’t know what happens when food goes bad
You might want to hear about Broccoli Brad.
Brad didn’t wilt or rot, he didn’t turn brown
He amassed an army and took over a town.
His legions of cauliflower, broccoli, and beets,
Screamed, “If kids won’t eat us, let them only eat sweets!”
They gathered every vegetable and all of the fruits
Picked them from their trees and pulled out their roots!       
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Chef Solus Fun and Broccoli Brad Promote Healthy Eating

Reading stories about nutrition is a wonderful way to encourage healthy eating and healthy foods!
  • Children see fruits and vegetables come to life.
  • Chef Solus and his explorer friends promote healthy food choices.
  • Bilingual book - in English and Spanish!
  • Improve reading skills while sending a positive message about fruits and vegetables.
  • Great way to support the New My Plate - fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables.
  • Get your copy Now! Broccoli Brad Goes Mad - Featuring Chef Solus.

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